If you love yarn you’ve probably heard of Jimmy Beans Wool, which is one of the most famous local yarn shops (LYS) I know of.

But, if you don’t live in Nevada you might not know that Jimmy Beans Wool is not just an online retail shop; they also have a storefront you can shop in Reno!

And so, while on a road trip with my family this past summer, I was finally able to visit Jimmy Beans Wool in person.

And to be honest, I never write entire articles dedicated to the yarn shops I visit, but this one was very different and it took me by surprise.

Jimmy Beans Wool is a wonderland for yarn lovers, and because I had such a great experience I just have to share it with everyone else who loves and appreciates yarn too.

From skein to skein, aisle to aisle, join me as I relive the yarns, projects, souvenirs, and camaraderie of kindred craft souls that made my visit to Jimmy Beans Wool unforgettable.

Estimated reading time: 12 minutes

Exploring the Vibrant World of Yarn at Jimmy Beans Wool Yarn Store in Reno, Nevada - American Crochet Association

About Jimmy Beans Wool

Founded by Laura Zander and her husband in 2002, this haven for yarn lovers has grown from humble beginnings to become a globally recognized destination for all things yarn.

Their tag line is: Jimmy Beans Wool is your local yarn store…online!

Nestled in Reno, Nevada, the store’s location is mainly a warehouse for global distribution, with space for a gorgeously curated storefront with dozens of creatively displayed walls and shelves of yarn!

Jimmy Beans Wool is not just a yarn retailer; it also offers a classroom where crocheters and knitters can learn, create projects, and build new skills.

If you can visit in person, Check their website for details about various knitting and crochet classes and workshops.

Jimmy Beans Wool Yarn Store - Knit and crochet classroom - American Crochet Association

Their website offers a diverse selection of yarns and tools, with an array of informative articles, patterns, and resources to support and inspire any yarn enthusiast.

Unlike other LYS, Jimmy Beans Wool is a large enterprise with lots of employees; You can  “Meet Team Beans”, which features a playful dynamic of their people, with job titles like:

  • The Know it all
  • Yarn Snatcher
  • Content Cowgirl
  • Wholesale Witch
  • The Glue

Sounds like my kind of company culture!

Where is Jimmy Beans Wool located

Jimmy Beans Wool is predominantly an online yarn retailer, but they do share a storefront, warehouse, and headquarter offices all in one facility located in Reno, Nevada. 

Online shopping is always open, but do check their website for details about postage rates and available shipping destinations.

Jimmy Beans Wool Yarn Store - Outside Selfie with Logo - American Crochet Association

The storefront is open for in-person shopping Monday through Saturday (closed Sunday) from 10am – 5pm. 

Jimmy Beans Wool

891 Trademark Drive

Reno, NV 89521

Their phone number is listed as (775) 827-9276.

What does Jimmy Beans Wool sell

Jimmy Beans Wool is a retail company that specializes in selling various types of yarn, knitting and crochet supplies, and other crafting materials related to fiber arts.

Yarn Selection

Jimmy Beans Wool is known for its extensive selection of yarn, ranging from various fibers like wool, cotton, silk, and blends.

They offer yarn in different weights and colors, including popular brands and indie dyers.

There are said to be over 217 varieties of yarn, including brands such as Blue Sky Fibers, Brown Sheep, Cascade, Hedgehog Fibers, Malabrigo, Noro, Jimmy Beans Wool, and the newly created Yarn Citizen (more on that in a bit). 

Jimmy Beans Wool also offers yarn subscription clubs, where you can receive specially curated yarn and patterns on a regular basis.

These clubs can be a great way to discover new yarns and ideas.

Jimmy Beans Wool Yarn Store - Madeline Tosh Yarn Wall - American Crochet Association

Knitting and Crochet Supplies

The website provides a wide range of knitting needles, crochet hooks, notions, and accessories that complement yarn crafting.

Project Kits

They often offer project kits that include both patterns and the necessary yarn, making it easy for crafters to start a new project without having to source materials separately.


Their website includes a variety of knitting and crochet patterns for different skill levels and projects.

LYS are not just for knitters, and they have a lot to offer the crochet community.

Read more about making the most out of your LYS right here: 5 Reasons Crocheters Should Visit Their Local Yarn Stores (LYS)

Interesting things on the Jimmy Beans Wool website

Beans For Brains Scholarship is a 501(c)(3) merit-based scholarship for artistic students

Broken Needle Exchange allows you to send broken needles back for a new pair (even if you ordered elsewhere).

Project Sketchbook is a grid-like page where you can arrange different yarns from the site, so you can “sketch” your next project based on color.

How is the service at Jimmy Beans Wool

In one word? 


Upon walking into the building, you’ll be greeted by a mural made of buttons spelling out “hello”, and that’s the general vibe throughout. 

Hello, welcome, come look around, pick things up, enjoy!

The shopkeeper was really warm and friendly; they checked in on me, answered my questions, helped me look for things, and pointed out some new and interesting products and yarns. 

Jimmy Beans Wool Yarn Store - hello counter made with buttons - American Crochet Association

My experience visiting Jimmy Beans Wool

In two words?

Totally awesome!

I’ve only seen a few pictures of this store online, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. 

Most local yarn shops are about the size of an average living room, so I didn’t plan to spend more than 30 minutes looking around.

But as soon as I opened the door, I was so amazed that I knew I’d need more time. 

My biggest complaint is that this place is so carefully and beautifully decorated that I didn’t know where to turn to first.

That’s a good problem!

There are displays everywhere (in front, right, left, and in the back) so I stood near the entry for a few minutes just turning around to ooh and aah in all directions.

My advice for first-time goers is to start on the right wall and work your way around the entire storefront so that you’ll end up near the checkout counter.

But, if you have a few hours to spare feel free to zig-zag around in any direction that pulls you in!

Jimmy Beans Wool Yarn Store - Store Lobby Display - American Crochet Association

Something I noticed, and really appreciated, was the abundance of crochet projects around the store. 

One of my favorite pieces to see in person was the brand new Rustic Rainbow crochet blanket by TL Yarn Craft – what a gorgeous piece!

And, I was thrilled to see that a sample of my Hexagon Market Bag was worked up to display a brand new Jimmy Beans yarn exclusive: Yarn Citizen!

Jimmy Beans Wool Yarn Store - Hexagon Market Tote - American Crochet Association

I even got to meet the person at Jimmy Beans Wool who worked up the Hexagon Market Tote sample, and they were so nice!

I had no idea my bag would be featured in their shop, so that was such a nice experience.

Everywhere I turned I found huge display of yarn or cute little yarn decorations, making this LYS feel very boutique.

My only other complaint is that they need to offer bigger shopping carts!

What I purchased at Jimmy Beans Wool

When I visit a new LYS I first look for locally sourced, made, and dyed yarns because I want to get things that would be hard to find elsewhere.

Jimmy Beans Wool has a few yarns and products that they exclusively source, and I was really excited to see that there were some brand new ones on display. 

One new release is Yarn Citizen; a line of yarn that is said to be from fair trade mills, super soft, and affordable.

Yarn Citizen comes in a variety of weights (DK, Worsted, Fingering) and fibers (100% Wool, 50% Wool + 50% Alpaca), in up to 30 different colors.

I picked up some Yarn Citizen yarn, the della Q Maker’s Mesh Tote, and a few branded souvenirs. 

Yarn Citizen Unity Worsted 

Worsted is my favorite weight to work with, so I grabbed 3 hanks in the colors Natural, Mushroom, and Chestnut.

Each hank is 211 yards in length and 100% wool (not superwash, to reduce water waste), and available in 15 different colors that pair really nicely together.

Hanks are currently listed online RIGHT HERE.

Some of the crochet projects I have in mind for this are:

Yarn Citizen Harmony Worsted

Because I’m a sucker for worsted weight yarn, I had to get some of this line too and decided that the color Apricot looked best with the 3 colors of Unity I grabbed.

Each hank is 211 yards in length and 50% Wool / 50% Alpaca (not superwash, to reduce water waste), and available in 30 different colors that look fabulous together.

Hanks are currently listed online, RIGHT HERE.

Some of the crochet projects I have in mind for this are:

The della Q Maker’s Mesh Tote

I cannot pass up a good project bag, so I immediately knew that this one was coming home with me.

The della Q Maker’s Mesh Tote is a great mix of see-through mesh and stiff waxed cotton canvas fabric that it is sturdy enough to actually stands up on its own!

At 15” long 10” tall and 6” wide, this tote can easily carry a medium size project, notions, a few skeins of yarn, some snacks, and a water bottle.

The handles are about 16” in total length (8” tall), which comfortably fit in hand or on the shoulder. 

This tote comes with a matching pair of scissors you can clip into the interior, a matching notions bag with snap closure, and a removable strap that can be clipped to the sides, and is adjustable in length to fit on your shoulder or cross-body.

The top of the bag has 6 buttons that snap closed, so that your yarn or project will never get stuck in a zipper, or spill out.

Finally, there is an exterior pocket with zipper closure that is large enough for a notebook, patterns, phone, and writing utensil.

While this tote was made for makers and their projects, it is gorgeous enough to be carried around as an everyday bag too. 

Available in four gorgeous colors, I had a hard time choosing a favorite between them all: Purple, Red, Olive, Mustard.

I picked one up in the color Olive, which is currently listed online, RIGHT HERE.

Jimmy Beans Wool Yarn Store - della Q Mesh Maker Tote - American Crochet Association

Jimmy Beans Wool souvenirs 

When I was ready to checkout, I asked if there were any branded souvenirs, so the shopkeeper went into the back of the warehouse to look.

I’m delighted to say that they found some fantastic items, including:

Jimmy Beans Wool Yarn Store - Souvenir Toilet Paper Roll - American Crochet Association

I was thrilled!

I love little novelty souvenirs of the places I visit, and while I love all of these little goodies I think the toilet paper is my favorite.

Follow Jimmy Beans Wool online

You can follow Jimmy Beans Wool through various platforms online:

Official Website

Their official website is likely the best place to start. This is where you can browse their online retail store, view their blog, and get information about new yarn arrivals, sales, events, and more. www.JimmyBeansWool.com 


They usually maintain an active Facebook page where they share updates about new products, promotions, and community events. www.facebook.com/JimmyBeansWool 


You can follow them on Instagram to see photos of their latest products, customer projects, and behind-the-scenes glimpses. www.instagram.com/JimmyBeansWool


Their first videos include knitting tutorials, which were posted 14 years ago! Since then, their playlists include tutorials, product reviews, conversations, unboxings, and a few seasons of what looks like product sourcing with “Jimmy’s Journey to India”. www.YouTube.com/user/JimmyBeansWool 


If you’re looking for project inspiration, this is where you can view more details about exclusive Jimmy Beans Wool yarns and lots of finished projects other Ravelry users make with them. www.Ravelry.com/people/JimmyBeansWool 

Jimmy Beans Wool Yarn Store - Crochet Blanket - American Crochet Association

Video Chat

To hear more about my visit to Jimmy Beans Wool yarn shop, come join this video conversation right here.


Enter for a chance to win a $75.00 gift card to www.JimmyBeansWool.com when you drop a comment to let us know what you would buy if you won!

Each comment counts as an entry for a chance to win.

1 winner will be chosen from the comments after Friday, 15 September 2023. Giveaway is open worldwide. Winners will be replied to in the comments, and updated below, with instructions to claim their prize via email within 5 days of notification. Jimmy Beans Wool has not sponsored this post or giveaway. 

Winner #1: Joanne Green

Comment on Jimmy Beans Wool Article - Joanne Green - American Crochet Association

Peace, Love & Crochet


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  1. Virginia Bronner says:

    I am not too sure what yarn I would use, but I know what I would like to make. My granddaughter is giving up her small bed for a big girl bed so I promised her a blanket for her new bed. I would contact the store to get some advise on what would be the best yarns for this project. Thank you so much for taking us on a tour of the store.

  2. Natishia Curry says:

    I have never tried Jimmy beans yarn. But if I won, I would have to spend it all on yarn, DK weight is my favorite.

  3. LuAnn Taylor says:

    Thanks for showing us the store!! I’d have to figure out how to have plenty of money on hand to visit that store!! I’d want that tote.and as much yarn as I could carry!! I’m still a newbie to crochet so I still see new toys and patterns and yarn that I’d like to dive into!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  4. Oh my goodness…i would be so ecstatic if I won this gift card. I don’t get to shop very often and this would be a real treat for me. I would buy that rucksack that is on sale right now for sure and maybe some of the wooden buttons because cute buttons can make the whole project. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway…keeping my fingers crossed. <3

  5. Diane Duerst says:

    If I won, I would buy some Urth yarn and make a cardigan. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Meghan White says:

    I have my eye on the Rosalinda by Malabringo. In all my years of crocheting, I’ve always made custom pieces for other people and can honestly say I’ve never made anything for myself. I’ve recently lost 90lbs. and would love to make myself a sweater to wear for the holidays.

  7. Aisha Martowidjojo says:

    I would get a della Q Mesh Tote!

  8. Aisha Martowidjojo says:

    I would pick up some hanks of Madeline Tosh Yarn!

  9. Aisha Martowidjojo says:

    I would pick up some hanks of Blue Sky Fibers Yarn!

  10. Aisha Martowidjojo says:

    I would pick up some hanks from Hedgehog Fibers!

  11. Aisha Martowidjojo says:

    I would pick up some hanks of Malabrigo Yarn!

  12. I really wish I had the means to travel all the way out to visit them in person. It sounds like an amazing experience. Also the souvenir toilet paper had me rollin’. I’d definitely would want to pick up some yarn- perhaps try a new-to-me fiber/blend, but definitely need to add another set of interchangeable needles and cords as well as a couple more sets of Knit Blockers. I’d also pick up a set of Minnie & Purl Purl Strings. Okay, two sets. And while I’m at it, a set of tunisian crochet hooks.

  13. Christine says:

    I have been shopping the online Jimmy Beans for years!!!! I was so excited to see there’s a giveaway.
    I would buy one of those special gradient yarns! for a shawl I’ve been dying to knit.

  14. Jackie Watson says:

    I would seriously have to study what yarns I would choose. There is a lot to pick from!

  15. Marilyn L says:

    Wow, I always knew this was a great shop, thanks for the tour and the opportunity. I’ve been wanting an affordable cotton blend in a #3 weight to make a hexi cardigan – this would be my chance.

  16. Oh, or one of the mesh bags! 🙂

  17. Nancy Allis Foster says:

    I’m not sure what it was, but in your large photo of a ‘yarn wall’ there is a hank of the most gorgeous shimmery blue. And might just frame it as a display piece rather than crochet with it.

  18. Thanks for a great write up of your visit. I would probably buy a new yarn I’ve never tried before – though I’m not sure which one! LOL

  19. Jennifer Maples says:

    Everything looks great. Currently I mostly do toys and love trying out different yarns so this would be great. Not to mentioned it’s my birthday month and who doesn’t want to win a giveaway especially for their birthday. 🙂

  20. Laurie Krook says:

    Oooh! This place looks wonderful! I am very new (9 months) to crochet and would love to just get a good feel for the different yarns and buy a few project kits. The sketchbook seems like it would be awesome, too! Thanks for the great article!

  21. I may buy some patterns or books.

  22. Deb Rowley says:

    I’m sure there are some cute notions I will just have to buy!

  23. Deb Rowley says:

    My lys doesn’t sell Brown Sheep yarn so I would buy some from Jimmie Beans.

  24. Deb Rowley says:

    This store has everything! I’m not sure what I would buy.

  25. Deb Rowley says:

    The yarn Citizen colors look so very pretty, I may have to buy some hanks, then find a project!

  26. Deb Rowley says:

    I’d like to try some of their locally sourced yarns.

  27. Deb Rowley says:

    Madelinetosh yarn has beautiful colorways. I would buy a few hanks!

  28. Deb Rowley says:

    They have very nice kits. I would like to buy one.

  29. I have no idea what I would buy. Too many items to look at.

  30. Jacqueline says:

    I would love to try something in the fingerling and/or indie yarns. Online is great, but it’s wonderful to actually see the yarns/products in person. I only wish we had a store/warehouse like this too! I would be lost for days!

  31. Cecelia Gardiner says:

    I love Jimmy Bean Wool! I have been following them for years. There are so many wonderful yarns to choose from I’m not sure what I would choose if I won the gift card giveaway. Good luck everyone and have a blessed day.

  32. Joanne Green says:

    Oh wow, Jimmy Beans Wool seems like a dream land of everything yarn, especially hand dyed!! The Love they put in this place is so evident and I want to live there forever. I would purchase the La Bien Aimee Merino Singles Fades in Rosy Fade. It is so pretty. Thank you Salena for your insights of your experience at Jimmy Beans Wools, I love your souvenirs!!!

    1. Congratulations Joanne Green, you’re the winner of this giveaway!

      You have 5 days to claim this prize, as follow:
      1) Send an email to: [email protected]
      2) Email subject must be: $75 gift card to Jimmy Beans Wool

      Thank you for your interest and support in the ACA, enjoy!

  33. Deb Rowley says:

    Some yarn from Hedgehog fibers would be on my list!

  34. Deb Rowley says:

    I’ve been getting emails from them for a few years and have always wanted to buy one of their yarn bouquets.

  35. Oooooo! Thanks for the heads up about a new place that I wasn’t familiar with! I’m several hours away from Reno… but if I make out that way anytime…. I KNOW I have to plan an hour or better to check this out! So hard to choose what I would make from these yarns, but I would most likely choose some kind of garment for myself that would be drapey and cozy!!
    Thanks for letting us know about another wonderful yarn source!

  36. Tammy Bradburn says:

    If I won the gift card, it would go to Jimmy Beans annual Fright Box full of Halloween delights!

  37. Marie Philippe says:

    What a great store! Luckily, they have a online site! I will order some Simply Shetland wool if I win or not, I want so much to try this yarn! ! !

  38. One day I hope to visit Jimmy Beans Wool. I would love to make myself a poncho with matching hat and fingerless gloves.

  39. Debbie Hawes says:

    I would love to try their yarn and a bag would be AWSOME! But I think trying new yarns for a blanket would be nice. It’s 25 miles to the closest store that carry’s a variety of yarns. Walmart just doesn’t carry anything.

  40. Patricia Bowling says:

    So many choices on the Jimmy Bean website! I would probably by some MadelineTosh yarn if I won!

  41. Ellen Breitbarth says:

    oh my… all the beautiful yarn!💙 my first choice would be some of the Yarn Citizen yarn, them I would move on to the project bags and color coordinate with the yarn.🙂 Thanks for such a great article, shopping Jimmy Beans in person is on my list of important things to do!!!

  42. Gigi Lepore says:

    Loved your post about JBW! If I won I would buy the Della tote bag and yarn to make a baby blanket.

  43. Stephanie says:

    I would definitely buy some of their 3 weight yarn. to make shawl.

  44. I would love the worsted weight yarn. I am making stuffies for children in Florida and Maui that have lost everything. Would love to see their faces when they receive them. Thank you for the chance.

  45. I would start with a DellaQ bag, making my way around to see just How Much Alpaca I could fit into it.
    thanks for the virtual trip!

  46. Christine Little says:

    I would get a Della Q tote bag!! They are so beautiful and well crafted…maybe a skein of my favorite hand dyed yarn too!! Thank you!!

  47. Carleen Roberts says:

    The colors of Yarn Citizen Unity and Harmony yarns are amazing! I love the saturated colors so I’d definitely get some of those if I won. May have to let a hank or two of MT dk or light jump into my cart as well. I hear they are fabulous too!

  48. Christy Lee says:

    Jimmy Beans sounds like such a neat store! The Maker’s Mesh Tote that you bought sounds awesome, so I would probably get that or some yarn if I were to win the gift certificate.

  49. Lynn Miller says:

    I would buy the yarn citizen unity hanks! they are so universal! how cool was that visit!

  50. Deb Rowley says:

    I definitely would buy a new Della Q bag or pouch for my hooks and accessories.

  51. Barbara McEwen says:

    I have drooled over the Jimmy Beans website before. I would definitely grab some beautiful merino wool!!!

  52. I would love to buy one of the Della Q bags, I always drool over pics of them!

  53. Dawn Tenneson says:

    I would love to just move into their store!!!

  54. I’m not sure if I could decide what I would even buy….so much good stuff! Those mesh bags look amazing, and I would definitely splurge on some gorgeous yarn for myself.

  55. Thank you for a wonderful write up on your visit to JBW! Laura always has the best selection and the customer service is awesome. If I won, I would purchase some of the new yarn line – Yarn Citizen for a sweater and one of those cool DellaQ totes. I had no idea they offered the mesh in a tote size.

  56. Roxanne Hebert says:

    If I won, I would buy Madeline Tosh yarn or a della Q mesh bag. I really enjoyed hear ing about this yarn store.

  57. I’d check out some of the Hedgehog Fibers yarns. Love their bright colors!

  58. Victoria Willet says:

    I love the different yarns that I can’t get in the UK, I adore the tote bag cause who doesn’t NEED a new project bag. But, mostly, I WANTS A PIN!! Great article, I wish we had a place like that here. Thank you for sharing!!

  59. Yolanda Perkins says:

    I would definately pick some beautiful yarn and and a DellaQ project bag! Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity to shop JBW!

  60. Sandnes Garn …which JBW is now carrying!

  61. I have always wanted to try Sheepjes and Noro. So that’s at the top of my list. What a fun store to get lost in!

    1. Thanks for sharing. Adding Jimmy Beans to my bucket list of LYSs to visit.

    2. Stephanie Worsnopp says:

      I would probably get Scheepjes Whirl. Gradient yarns create such a pretty effect and I would love to try working with one.

  62. Jennifer L. says:

    I have been dying to try Sheepjes wool! I can’t find it anywhere near me. Very few yarn shops for how big this metro area is! For shame! 🙂 I miss getting to wander around yarn shops that aren’t also general craft stores. Thanks for sharing this company!

  63. The Madeline Tosh would make it to my basket and you have piqued my interest with citizens yarn. My shopping trip would not be complete without a tote or notions bag. Love it all! Thanks for your generosity!

  64. From the pictures this LYS, looks like a fun place to visit (and get in trouble too). I also like visiting new stores. They really stir up my creativity. I think I would use the gift card to purchase the della Q tote bag in purple, then add a few skeins of Yarn Citizen Worsted to make a wrap to go with it.

  65. If I won a gift card from Jimmy Beans, I would love to try some of their locally sourced yarns!

  66. I didn’t know that there was a store, I would like to visit one day. I would like to see their locally sourced yarns and get that mesh bag mentioned. Our lys closed years ago, the closest one is more than 20 miles away, which leaves only big box stores.

  67. Yolanda Perkins says:

    OhMyGosh there are so many different yarns I’d love to try! Those DellaQ bags sure would be a great buy as well!! It would be tough to pick, lol.

    1. Autumn Miller says:

      I would get one of their awesome maker bags if I won the giveaway. They are gorgeous and would be really useful to have.

  68. Alethia Douglass says:

    I’m allergic to wool so I love Cascade Yarn that is fully acrylic yarn. Cascade brand is so hard to find in my area since the one small business yarn store closed 5 years ago. I was spoiled by the variety Cascade yarn had in colors and a joy to crochet.

  69. I drive through Reno every year when I go to visit family, I will have to make time to stop here next year! If I win I would buy that della Q tote bag! I love a good tote bag, and can’t have too many. Thanks for the opportunity.

    1. Jen Knippenberg says:

      Thank you for sharing. I am familiar with Jimmy Beans, but have never been to the actual store in person. It looks like an amazing adventure. With the winter around the corner, I would love to find a nice sweater pattern and put the gift card toward purchase of yarn for that.

  70. Mary Atwater says:

    So fun to visit a LYS. Thank you for feedback! I would either buy some Scheepjes whirl yarn or cascade yarn. I’ve been wanting to try those forever!

    1. Jennifer Stover says:

      Thanks for showing the fun things JBW has to offer! I always love little novelties and buying local yarn when visiting shops. I will buy cotton yarn as a default or sock yarn to make socks for the kiddos.

  71. Robin Wordsworth says:

    I’d make a shawl & baby blanket if I win yarn from this store.

  72. I love Jimmy Beans! They have the most amazing variety of all things fibrecraft related, and their customer service is amazing!! If I’d had an opportunity to go up and visit while I was still living in Las Vegas, I would definitely have gone for a visit, but there were no off-roading trips put together by my friends in that area since I discovered them. I’m a member of four of their yarn clubs, and plan to be for life. They are equal opportunity fiber pushers, providing options for those who crochet (and weave, I think) just as much as those who knit.

    I give Jimmy Beans Wool ALL the stars!!