Crochet FAQ

How can I make crochet hats that fit↗

If you’re tired of crocheting hats that are way too big, or way too small, we have a simple math tip to help you with size every time!

How can I keep my crochet edges straight↗

Tired of having wonky edges? Here’s why it happens and how to fix it.

Is crochet hard to learn↗

Crochet can be tricky, but not impossible with these step-by-step instructions (with videos) to help!

Do I need a certificate to teach crochet

No, but it can help to build competency so you can become a skilled teacher (we can help).

What is my crochet skill level↗

There are only 4 levels of skill in crochet and we have a chart to define them all.

Does my chain count as a stitch↗

When a pattern says to chain at the beginning of a row (or round), does it count?

Welcome to the American Crochet Association!

salena baca headshot wearing crochet wrap

Hi, I’m Salena Baca!

Founder, host & lead educator with the ACA.

I learned to crochet at the age of 5 and haven’t put my hook down since. I’ve published over 400 patterns, 7 books (and counting), and taught 2 courses with Craftsy (so far). My goal is to pass crochet through the generations in better hands than we found it, and that’s why I started the ACA.

Peace + Love + Crochet