Get tangled up in crochet trivia with our fun-filled events!

From fascinating facts to helpful tips, crochet trivia will unravel questions and stitch your curiosity for crochet knowledge and skill!

What is Crochet Trivia

Welcome to Crochet Trivia with the American Crochet Association (ACA)!

First and foremost, Crochet Trivia is a fun social event.

Crochet Trivia at the ACA is simple and anyone who loves to crochet can participate.

Every episode will feature a few questions to test crochet knowledge and skill, and all answers can quickly and easily be found right here on our website.

All details, including links to find answers to Crochet Trivia questions, will be outline in each episode!

How To Participate

Following along with a Crochet Trivia episode is simple when you take these steps:

  1. Bookmark this page for information and updates, then subscribe to our YouTube channel for notifications on future episodes!
  2. Watch Crochet Trivia episodes to hear each question, and get links to find answers in the video description.
  3. Post your answers as a comment to the video.

1 winner will be chosen every episode, and named in the video description. Winner will be replied to with further instructions to claim their prize. Further entry details will be outlined in each episode video.


Crochet Trivia Prizes

🧶 Crochet Trivia is mainly about having fun, building crochet knowledge and skill, and community. And to keep every episode extra interesting, there are some exciting prizes up for grabs:

🏆 ACA Crochet Trivia Winner Social Media Frame to flaunt on social media, and featured as the episode thumbnail!

🎁 5 PDF crochet patterns of your choice from our shop: View all crochet patterns

News and Updates

I send one email every week with news, updates, events, and a free pattern you can download.

The ACA will never spam you, or share your contact details.

Simply delete emails that don’t interest you, or unsubscribe anytime – no hard feelings!

If you love crochet, you belong here – welcome!


Crochet Trivia Episodes

Season 1 of Crochet Trivial will have 5 episodes, with one new episode every Friday.

The timing might change every week, which means you don’t have to participate live.

In fact, the replay is just as good!

You’re welcome to send feedback, and suggestions to make Crochet Trivia the best it can be, anytime:

Episode 5 – 5 April

Winner: Crystal N.

Episode 4 – 29 March

Winner: Debra De Jong, @debradejong4594 (YouTube User ID)

Episode 3 – 22 March

Winner: Sheri Richards

Episode 2 – 15 March

Winner: Stacie Till

Episode 1 – 8 March

Winner: Joanne Green

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  1. Joanne Green says:

    Yay! Congratulations Debra!

  2. Joanne Green says:

    Yay! congratulations Sherri!! ❤️

  3. Joanne Green says:

    Yay! Congratulations Stacie for being the Episode 2 Crochet Trivia Winner!!!

  4. Donna Harris says:

    Sounds like fun!