This crochet plant hanger pattern is worked in joined rounds using basic stitches including the Chain, Single, Double, and Slip!

This crochet plant hanger – also known as the Hanging Herb Holder – is worked in one solid piece, including the hanging loops.

The full length of the Hanging Herb Holder is 23” long and about 7” wide, which is perfect for holding most flower posts of the same width.

There are six total loops made to hang this crochet plant holder; an interesting feature that also make this design very sturdy.

The best part about this crochet plant hanger?

This project can be used indoors or outdoors to hold any of your favorite plants, herbs, or flowers – hooray for crochet!

The crochet plant hanger pattern is a great project to work up because:

  • Plant hangers like this are quick and easy projects to make.
  • You can use most weight 4 yarns you already have in your stash!
  • This project works great with cotton yarns!
  • You’ll get to practice a lot of crochet skills: joined rounds, stitch tension, gauge & size, chain, single, and triple crochet stitches, finishing techniques & more!

Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

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Hanging herb Holder Crochet Pattern - American Crochet Association

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How to Crochet In Joined Rounds

This crochet plant hanger is worked in by increasing stitches per round, then joining them.

If you are not sure how to crochet in joined rounds, or would like to see a tutorial that will show you how to join crochet, then check out this quick video right here:

Right and Wrong Sides in Crochet

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How To Make The Crochet Plant Hanger


Bernat Handicrafter, Medium weight #4 yarn (100% cotton; 80 yds/73 m per 1.75 oz/50 g skein): Hot Green x 1 Skein

To find other natural fibers, or other brands that carry cotton yarn, I suggest looking on and comparing the yarn used to write this pattern.

For more information about how to substitute yarn for a crochet project, here are all our best tips to help: Understanding Yarn Substitution: An Easy Reference For Crocheters

If you would like to substitute yarn for this Crochet Plant Hanger pattern, here are some yarns I recommend for this project:



  • 17 Dc Sts = 4”
  • 5 Dc rows = 3.5”

Size and Finished Measurements 

  • Base (diameter): 7”
  • Full hanging height (length): 23”

Stitch Key

This crochet stitch pattern is worked with the following basic crochet stitches.

You can see these stitches in action as you watch these video tutorials (just click on the underlined text):

Specialty Stitches and Techniques

With so many different places and spaces to work in crochet, it can be easy to wonder where you should place your hook to work your stitches.

Here are some tips and resources to help: Where do stitches go in crochet: All the places and spaces to put your hook

Pattern Notes

  • Pattern is worked in joined rounds from the bottom up, including the chain loops for hanging.
neon yellow crochet plant hanger with white pot and white background

Crochet Plant Hanger Instructions

Form adjustable loop.

  • Round 1 (RS): Ch 3 (first Dc here and throughout), work 11 Dc in loop, Sl St into top of first Dc to join  (12 Dc)
  • Round 2: Ch 3, Dc in same St, 2 Dc in each St around, Sl St into top of first Dc to join (24 Dc)
  • Round 3: Ch 3, Dc in same St, Dc in next, [2 Dc in next, Dc in next] 11 times, Sl St into top of first Dc to  join (36 Dc)
  • Round 4: Ch 3, Dc in same St, Dc in next 2, [2 Dc in next, Dc in next 2] 11 times, Sl St into top of first Dc to join (48 Dc)
  • Round 5: Ch 3, Dc in same St, Dc in next 3, [2 Dc in next, Dc in next 3] 11 times, Sl St into top of first Dc to join (60 Dc)
  • Round 6: Ch 10 (first Sc and Ch-9 space), [skip 9 Sts, Sc in next, Ch 9] 5 times, Sl St into 1st Ch to join (60 Sts; 6 Sc, 6 Ch-9 spaces)
  • Round 7: Ch 1 (first Sc), work 9 Sc in 1st Ch-9 space, work 10 Sc into each Ch-9 space around, Sl St into 1st Ch to join, Sl St into each of next 4 Sts (60 Sc)

Repeat Rounds 6 and 7 until 9 rounds are complete.

  • Round 10: Ch 101 (first Sc and Ch-100 space), [skip 9 Sts, Sc into next, Ch 100] 5 times, Sl St into 1st Ch to join. Fasten off, weave in ends (606 Sts; 6 Sc + 6 Ch-100 spaces)

Each ch-100 space creates 1 hanger.


  • Arrange Ch-100 loops neatly on sides, taking care not to tangle.
  • Place the plant into flower pot, then into Herb Holder. 
  • Gather 1 long Ch loop at a time, until all 6 are held; adjust pot holder and plant as necessary. 
  • Ensure 2 in./5 cm hook screw is securely in place and transfer all Ch loops onto hook.

Video Chat

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Peace + Love + Crochet


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