Have you ever seen the terms Right Side (RS) or Wrong Side (WS) in a pattern before?

If you have, and you’re confused about what these mean, you’re not alone!

Right Side and Wrong Side are terms we use in the crochet world to define the appearance of stitches and fabric.

Let’s break down these terms so we can understand what they mean in the projects we crochet, and why they matter.

What does Right Side mean?

When crocheting stitches, the part of the stitch that is facing you as you work is called the Right Side.

Another way to think of this is the front of your work.

What does Wrong Side mean?

When crocheting stitches, the part of the stitch that is not facing you as you work is called the Wrong Side.

Another way to think of this is the back of your work.

These terms are true for any individual stitch (chain, single, half-double, double, triple…) and the fabrics that they create.

Every crochet stitch has a front (right) side, and a back (wrong) side.

Why does this matter in crochet?

The front (Right Side) of crochet stitches will create a different texture than the back (Wrong side).

Here is an example of Double Crochet stitches worked in the round:

This image shows the Wrong Side (Back) on the Left, and the the Right Side (Front) on the Right.

Note how different the Wrong (Back) is from the Right (Front) side?

The stitches and fabric on the Right (Front) are far more tight and defined. Do you think so, too?

What about stitches worked in rows?

Depending on the fabric you’re making, the Right and Wrong sides may not matter (meaning, the fabric itself is reversible).

The fabric on the Left shows the Jeobneun Stitch, which is a raised fabric that is noticeable on one side only, creating a clear right side.

The fabric on the Right shows the Linen Stitch, which is a simple stitch and row repeat where either side looks the same, creating a reversible fabric.

Why do Right and Wrong sides matter?

Why does this matter?

You may feel that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you’re absolutely right.

Looking at each side of the fabric might help you to find a more pronounced, or attractive side.

However, when a Right or Wrong side is determined by a pattern writer, they might just be telling you that a pattern emerges on one specific side of the fabric you’re creating, and to pay attention.

That’s it!

In short, just remember that every single stitch in crochet has a very clear Right (Front) and Wrong (Back) side.

And, sometimes the fabric that we make with these stitches has a front and back side, too!

Now that we’ve outlined some differences between the Right Side, and Wrong Side, of stitches and fabrics…

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Peace + Love + Crochet


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