The Easy Texture Washcloth is made with simple repeats of chain and single crochet stitches, creating a sturdy surface for scrubbing anything in the bath or kitchen!

This washcloth is worked in rows using chains and single crochet stitches, so the stitch repeat can easily be altered in multiples 2 (1 stitch will count as the turning chain), then work any odd multiple of rows to set the fabric up for the border. 

While this stitch slightly resembles the Linen or Moss stitch in crochet, the stitch pattern does not alternate every row.

That means this stitch pattern has a single row of instructions that repeats throughout, making this a quick and easy pattern to follow with lots of texture.

This is a great pattern because:

  • Washcloths are fun projects to learn new crochet stitches (especially when you follow our crochet chart with the written instructions)!
  • You can use these in the bath or kitchen (plus, they make great gifts)!
  • This project works great with cotton yarns (just one skein or less)!
  • You’ll get to practice a lot of crochet skills: rows, stitch tension, stitch counting and recognition, borders, gauge & size, finishing techniques & more!
multi-colored crochet washcloth

Before you get started…

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Let’s get started! 

Pattern Designed By: Salena Baca Crochet. This pattern is copyright protected; it is unlawful to distribute this pattern in any form (free, sale or trade).

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Peaches & Creme Stripey, Worsted #4 yarn (100% Cotton; 102 yds/93 m per 2 oz/56.7 g skein): Energetic Pink (1 skein)


  • US G6/4.00mm
  • Yarn needle


  • 17 pattern Sts = 4”
  • 14 pattern rows = 4”


  • 7” Wide x 7.5” Tall



  • Fabric is reversible; either side can be the right side.
  • Stitch pattern chart on last page.
  • Chain any even number to replicate stitch pattern. For border, work blanket in any odd number of pattern rows.
crochet stitch chart: Easy Texture Washcloth



Row 1: Ch 30, skip 1 Ch (not a St), Sc, [Ch 1, skip 1 St, Sc] across row – 29 Sts; 15 Sc + 14 Ch

Row 2: Ch 1 (not a St), turn, Sc, [Ch 1, skip 1 St, Sc] across row – 29 Sts; 15 Sc + 14 Ch

Repeat row 2 until 25 rows are complete. Do not fasten off, continue to Border.


Round 1 (Right Side): Ch 3 (first Hdc + Ch-1 space), Hdc into same St. *Turn to work across sides of washcloth rows. Ch 1, [skip 1 row, Hdc, Ch 1] across row.* Turn to work across row 1 of washcloth. (Hdc, Ch 1, Hdc), Ch 1, [skip 1 St, Hdc, Ch 1] across row, (Hdc, Ch 1, Hdc) into last St of row. Repeat from * to * one time. Turn to work across row 25 of washcloth. (Hdc, Ch 1, Hdc), Ch 1, [skip 1 St, Hdc, Ch 1] across row, Sl St into first corner Ch-1 space to join – 116 Sts; 58 Hdc + 58 Ch

Round 2: Ch 1 (not a St), work 3 Sc into corner Ch-1 space, Ch 1, [(Sc, Ch-1) into Ch-1 spaces across sides, work 3 Sc into each corner Ch-1 space, Sl St into top of first St to join, fasten off – 124 Sts; 66 Sc + 58 Ch

Finishing: Sew in ends, trim excess.

multi-colored texture washcloth with crochet hook

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