Memes are images that depict humor within a particular interest group, and there isn’t a shortage of them in the crochet world!

I love these fun graphics that make us roll our eyes and laugh out loud, so I created some of our own, just for yarn and crochet lovers.

Please feel free to save, download, pin and share these 15 memes created by the American Crochet Association with your yarn and crochet loving friends!

I’ve collected over 200 through the years, and you can find them all linked in the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Driving away from all my problems… and heading to the yarn store!
When you’re done spending money… but your friend asks you to go yarn shopping!
When you’re at work… but you just want to crochet.
When it’s the weekend… and you still don’t have time to crochet.
Contemplating my escape… so I can crochet.
No, really… it’s okay that you don’t like my crochet gift.
I’ll go to bed after one more row… 8 hours later.
When I finally find a project for the yarn I got 10 years ago.
When a crochet pattern doesn’t make any sense.
Choose only one: Free yarn for life, free tacos for life.
Excellent… my yarn order arrived.
When I meet someone new… and they crochet too.
What I must look like… to yarn.
When I leave my family behind… to go yarn shopping!
Hop in… we’re going yarn shopping.

We’ve also saved over 200 on Pinterest that you can check out, RIGHT HERE!

Did you find a new favorite yarn or crochet meme in this bunch?

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Peace + Love + Crochet


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