Crochet is not always created in one solid piece of fabric.

There are lots of projects in crochet that require seams and joins to complete, and so you may be wondering:

  • How to join crochet squares together with crochet
  • How to join crochet strips together with crochet
  • How to sew crochet pieces together
  • What’s the difference between slip stitch join, single crochet join, and zig-zag join

When projects are not all worked in one solid piece, we have quite a few options in crochet to combine those separate pieces together.

While there are lots of joining variations in crochet, there are just 3 basic methods to use:

  • Crochet as you go (also known as JAYGO: Join As You Go)
  • Crochet pieces together when done
  • Sew pieces together when done

So that you can learn them all, we’ve compiled 3 different methods for each joining variation that you can watch, try, and learn today.

We’re using a granny square to show each technique, and you can get started with our free pattern right here:

How To Crochet A Granny Square: Pattern + Chart + Tutorial

3 ways to join as you crochet:

  1. Removable Loop
  2. Single Crochet Join
  3. Slip Stitch Join

3 Ways to join separate crochet pieces together:

  1. Slip Stitch Join
  2. Single Crochet Join
  3. Zig-Zag Mesh Combo

3 Ways to sew separate crochet pieces together:

  1. Whip Stitch
  2. Blanket Stitch
  3. Mattress Stitch

Have you tried any of these joining techniques? 

Click Here to ask questions, and share your joining method, in our community!

Peace + Love + Crochet


Looking for more? Click here to learn more about crochet seams & joins!

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